Solidarity with Elon Musk for the attacks suffered by some Brazilian authorities

Washington D.C., metro area 

April 23,2024

At a time when one of the most worthy citizens on the planet is attacked by oppressive beings thirsty for visibility and money, hidden under the cloak of legality and false nationalism, a motion of public solidarity becomes a moral imposition. These enemies of technological advances, ethics and reason, propagators of injustice, chronic misery, legitimizers of corruption, are tolerated and fed with the hard-earned taxes of the Brazilian people, who have an admirable relaxed temperament, but whose inertia condemns them to unjustifiable subservience which has prevented their access to the so-called first world.

Dear Elon,

It is true that we cannot carry along anything from our material life, but it gives us the privilege of using the potential of our elevated spirit to perform the good deeds that will dimension the light we will receive to continue our eternal journey through the Cosmos.

Your vision of life transcends the planetary plane to the universal plane, and this naturally annoys envious minds who already have some gifts but will never be able to produce the light that your soul and your knowledge produce.

Helping others is a privilege not for those who possess goodness, but for those who have the material means. I feel privileged to have my ideas acknowledged by brilliant minds, yet ironically fate seems to mock me for not having been enlightened enough to be able to transform kindness into action. 

One of the problems that causes suffering in our world is the alarming violence, especially that which punishes countries in the so-called third world, such as Brazil, where I was born. Shamefully, more than 40,000 murders a year take place there, in addition to deaths from malnutrition and diseases, which complete the massacre of the major and most vulnerable part of the population. Meanwhile, the elites, corroded by corruption, partiality and meanness, corrupt the public authorities. You, Elon, build your pioneering spaceships and observe the planet from afar, while your detractors travel shamelessly on first-class tickets embezzled from the taxes people pay. They criticize your companies to get the attention of the media in the wake of your prestige. They live a life of extravagance, affronting human dignity and driving away reason with the same hypocritical and arrogant stance that has been adopted by bloodthirsty tyrants throughout civilization. They are pseudo-moralists who have come to power on the recommendation of corrupt individuals who have been released from prison to lead the destinies of people who are subjugated and impoverished, living in an archaic socio-cultural stage. 

Please go ahead without looking down, certain that you are a visionary making a significant contribution to the dignification of humanity itself, in a civilization most evolved in knowledge and in robotic, automotive and space technology, led by your companies and by your prodigious and meritorious actions. While you promote space travel without taking your feet off the ground of the reality that mercilessly punishes the majority of the Earth’s population, some despicable beings have only learned to live in mediocrity, at the expense of public money, obtained in the form of unnecessary “aids” for housing, transportation and food, among other outrageous perks obtained over the sweat and sacrifice of the people, who at most receive a monthly basic food basket equivalent to ten dollars, in order to subsist under the yoke of pride and oppression. 

On this occasion, I ask for your kind attention to examine the proposal sent to the Executive Director of the UN Women Program. Believing that its success requires the combined efforts of States, Societies and people of good will. 

Please receive my admiration, appreciation and unrestricted solidarity.

Samuel Sales Saraiva

Full content of the proposal to which I refer:


Executive Director Sima Bahous

UN Under-Secretary-General and UN Women
405 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017-3599

220 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Syllabus: Proposes the creation of an easily accessible app for people to report how others behave in close relationships, especially regarding cases of physical or psychological violence. The database of the app, which would be called UNMASKING, could be consulted by any person, so as to allow them to check the background of a potential partner before entering a relationship with them. Seeks the support of the UN and of governments, NGOs and foundations committed to finding solutions to domestic violence, which affects everyone as part of civilization. 

Washington D.C., metro area

April 22, 2024

Dear Mrs. Bahous,

With my warmest regards, I present to you an idea that, if perfected and implemented, could become an effective tool to prevent thousands of women —as well as men and people of other genders — from walking blindly into abusive relationships that may cause them suffering, trauma and death. It’s a simple app that would work as an easily accessible database for recording and consulting past behavior, providing valuable information as a warning to be considered before entering a close relationship.

This prior verification is extremely important for mitigating potential risks. It is worth remembering that, in an increasingly aggressive reality, having knowledge and more information makes it possible to make intelligent and safer decisions. 

I believe that this proposal would contribute to preventing violence experienced at home by adults and children.

Reality is a challenge to the competence, political will and sensitivity of those whose mandates give them the responsibility, especially morally, to listen to the legitimate cries of the people and find wise solutions. 

For the above reasons, I seek partnership with governments, institutions and non-governmental organizations interested in supporting initiatives that can contribute to the development of solutions to the violence that affects everyone as part of civilization.

As I await your opinion on the validity of this proposal, I express my admiration for your work, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to examine the detailed proposal that follows.


In order to understand the scope and validity of this proposal, it is necessary to address the issue of domestic violence as a global phenomenon that makes no distinction regarding social class, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or level of education.

As guaranteed in the legal system of many countries, every citizen has the right and moral duty to denounce aggressors or hoaxers in order to prevent other victims from being made. However, when bringing the facts to public attention, there must be a commitment to the absolute truth, since anyone who makes an accusation or revelation of antisocial action bears the burden of proof, and becomes legally responsible for any moral damage they may cause. The proposal we are defending is intended to be an instrument for denunciation and consultation, discouraging vindictive, slanderous or frivolous intentions that only aim to hurt someone’s reputation.

Domestic violence is mainly related to the fragility of judicial systems and the corruption of public institutions, especially in the realms of education and security, and particularly in the so-called third world. The fight against this problem is hampered by a naturalized order, somewhat legitimized by the silencing of victims.

People with a history of abusive or toxic relationships try to conceal information about themselves — both good and bad. By encouraging and recording victims’ testimonies, the proposed app would prevent more people from falling for the charms of psychopaths and becoming victims to their abuse and criminal actions.

The various types of abuse include social, emotional, financial, sexual and physical. Even the less visible or obvious types can be very painful. The abuse of economic power in the marital relationship is, for example, a type of sentimental fraud in which a spouse obtains an illicit advantage, but without coercion, because there is mutual trust. 

Society’s indifference is responsible for maintaining this cycle, based on the erroneous understanding that all family problems should be kept within families — or that no one should “meddle in marital affairs.” This way of thinking is a rancid part of society and needs to be changed.

Among the consequences of these forms of violence, mental health professionals list depression, post-traumatic stress and other anxiety disorders, sleep difficulties, eating disorders and suicide attempts.

For the World Health Organization (WHO), this type of violence is defined as the use of physical force or power, as a threat or action, against oneself, another person, a group or a community, in such a way that results, or is likely to result, in suffering, death, psychological harm, impaired development or deprivation. 

Some of the forms of violence that women and children can suffer include physical, psychological, financial or sexual violence, resulting in profound and long-term impacts, especially on children, who are left with lifelong consequences. 

Children who witness numerous acts of violence are the most vulnerable and can develop trauma over time, showing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, drug addiction and relationship problems. These children may also have cognitive impairments, such as learning disorders and other imperceptible consequences, which will be present throughout their adult lives, especially in terms of regulating their attention and emotions. Childhood victims will naturally become aggressors in adulthood — sick, unassisted by mental health professionals, and indifferent to their own need for assistance. Only a few will manage to develop self-control and become aware of the need to respect their partner’s physical and mental integrity.

According to official statistics, around 89,000 women and girls were intentionally murdered worldwide in 2022. The data comes from new research by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and UN Women. The research revealed that 45% of female homicides are committed by family members or partners, highlighting the disturbing reality that home is far from being a safe place for women and girls. 

For UN Secretary-General António Guterres, domestic violence is a terrible violation of human rights, a public health crisis and a major obstacle to sustainable development. It stems above all from millennia of patriarchy, ingrained even in societies with a higher socio-cultural level. He warns that the problem is “persistent, widespread and getting worse.” 

I am convinced that the tool suggested here will help people by allowing them to check the behavioral and social background of their future partners, stored in a database. Making this information available to the public in all the languages translated by Google could be important in saving lives, allowing information to be obtained before a close relationship is established. Behind good looks and intelligence can lurk a psychopath, devoid of any sensitivity and awareness of respect, with a history of having suffered violence in their own family. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s adults, reflecting in their behavior everything that has victimized them. 

By locating and evaluating behavioral data about potential partners, people will be able to confirm or discard first impressions, based on information about their suitor’s conduct, way of solving problems and even personality. This will make it possible to avoid problems that would arise otherwise, helping to reduce risks by creating the opportunity to make an informed decision. Generally speaking, the modus operandi of a compulsive criminal or a sexist who has been indoctrinated from the cradle doesn’t change. A child victim of violence will become a violent adult — an adult who has not learned to resolve conflicts through dialog and understanding, and will resolve them through the imposition of physical force, unaware of the damage they will cause to their partner and children, if there are any. It is often observed that when a complaint gains visibility through the opinion-forming media, numerous cases related to the offender come to light, revealing a trail of actions that have assaulted society as a whole and caused a great deal of pain. 

Checking behavioral backgrounds before entering an emotional commitment is extremely important, as this is essential information for minimizing exposure to risk. Criminal records; identity records, and even other biographical information that can portray the essence of how a person deals with their responsibilities and exercises citizenship can reduce the occurrence of fraud; scams; robberies and thefts; physical aggression; unproductivity and alcohol dependency, among other antisocial practices.

The new tool proposed here would allow free, anonymous and secure access to information, alleviating worries by bringing to light emotional stories shared publicly with those interested in entering a serious interpersonal relationship. Nevertheless, the proposed app would not display private data such as address, telephone number, activity in social networks, photos or court cases, unlike some existing sites that charge for this type of information. The costs of running, maintaining and expanding the background check app would come from advertising space made available to institutions, companies and private organizations.

Mistaken decisions made in adolescence, still far from the so-called age of reason or conscience, can have an impact on the future and generate serious consequences, such as a view of reality contaminated by fear and insecurity, affecting various aspects throughout life, such as professional career, personal relationships and health.

It is the responsibility of parents to guide children in the best possible way, transmitting solid values, encouraging reflection and teaching them how to use information tools to make the right choices. Children need to understand that their decisions will have an impact on their future and that they are primarily responsible for their lives, so they must not fail to make a permanent contribution to reduce vulnerability to violence and to build a healthy and fair world.


Luciano Passos Cruz, physician:

— The GLOBAL REGISTRY OF ABUSIVE CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS project, the brainchild of the noble journalist SAMUEL SALES SARAIVA, is an extremely important tool, not only for victims of domestic abuse, but also for society in general, because, as mentioned, this type of violence affects everyone who is close to the victims. This proposal could help to identify repeat offenders, since this type of behavior is unfortunately recurrent. It is an idea based on realistic arguments, considering domestic violence and its various manifestations, as well as the alarming statistics. My reservation is about the form because, as we know, there are many malicious people who appear to be good. I congratulate the proposal’s author on his great contribution, and now it’s up for the appraiser to approve it and, above all, to disseminate it massively, so that this brilliant idea finds the support it needs to achieve its goal. We must not forget that domestic violence has its main allies in silence and indifference.

Jaime Paixão, deputy coroner – PA:

— A robust data collection tool on perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence is essential for public security. In addition to enabling consultations, it empowers all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to contribute information, enhancing collaboration with immediate access to consultations by the population and the authorities. This not only strengthens the fight against violence, but also helps to prevent recurrences and ensure the safety of communities by allowing immediate access to reports of abusive interpersonal relationships.  It also gives everyone the opportunity to access valuable information that can protect and empower them. It is therefore essential to invest in the implementation of this tool proposed by Samuel Saraiva in order to protect society, promote public safety and offer support to potential victims, whether they are men, women, homosexuals or of any other gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Janny Smith, economist:

— I’m thrilled. If implemented, this project could protect many people from this kind of violence. Your proposal sounds very promising and I fully support it. If this program succeeds, it will make a difference to many defenseless women and children in the world. It is important that we support each other, ensuring a safer, more rational and happier world. 

Lorena Brito, lawyer:

— I consider the idea in question to be of great importance and help, capable of preventing thousands of women from suffering this cruel reality of abuse and violence, practiced by narcissists, cowards and self-centered people. The proposed preventive alert would be the best way to avoid exposing lives to the death sentence that can be sealed by an unsuspecting choice. I’d like to write a lot more; however, I’d rather ignore my memories of a past that caused me too much suffering, but which no longer has any relevance, nor is there any sense in remembering it.

Álvaro Dias, former senator, leader of Podemos and former candidate for the Presidency of Brazil:

— You are competent and creative. Unfortunately, good ideas end up dying because of the authorities’ neglect. I value your persistence. I have witnessed your commitment on several occasions with creative suggestions, especially regarding the Amazon. Unfortunately, your voice echoes in the desert. How many of us live with this dilemma? Should we stubbornly carry on or throw in the towel?  Congratulations on your persistence.

Samuel Sales Saraiva



WhatsApp: (1) 202 999 9078


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