Immigration: The Silent Invasion to the United State must be stopped

It is time to reflect on the growing illegal alien challenge and support ICE. Thousands of immigrants arrive daily through airports as ‘tourists’ without being detected and interviewed by US customs agents

F rom coast to coast, the illegal alien issue is dividing the nation. Communities continue to be added to the list of sanctuary cities.  At the same time citizens in parts of California (and other regions around the U.S.) are fighting back, filing lawsuits against the State of California’s dangerous, neo-Confederate sanctuary policy.

Thankfully the Trump Administration is applying pressure to illegals not only at the border but to those illegals working in businesses around the country.  Every illegal alien nation-wide is now a target of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  They are all law-breakers no matter how you shuffle the deck.  And those of us who live in Montgomery County, Maryland.  We are quite familiar with the Hispanic MS-13 gang which roams our sanctuary county.  Yes they are violent Animals, as they kill, rape and maim any and all they please.

Limited but important segments of the border wall/replacement barriers also continue to go up along the Mexican border.  Even our Canadian friends are getting wise to the illegals crossing from our border north into Canada.  Illegal immigration is a burden on Canada just as it’s a burden on American citizens.

After that contrived Caravan of Hondurans breaching the U.S. southern border stunt, aided and abetted by the Mexican Narco-Government, does anyone with a brain still think that Mexico is a friend of the United States of America??

Keep the faith in the fight against these unwanted, tax dollar/social service/education system draining aliens in our mist.  We are all for keeping their families together as long as they regroup south of the border.  And with the economy booming and labor markets tightening, no need for these low wage alien workers or really even the more highly educated visa over stayers to grab our jobs and lower wage gains needed by our citizens and legal immigrants.

Even the Black and Hispanic communities are thriving with the lowest U.S. unemployment rates on record in modern times for minority workers, as they work towards keeping their families together, prospering as a unit.  Singer Kanye West (not sure I even know one of his songs!) gets it about  the growing U.S. economy and the ability of Blacks to be a partner in the expanding  national wealth creation process rather than living off U.S. Government “entitlement programs”.

The Black community is growing wiser to the illegal alien scam game as well!

Some good reading to recharge the soul in the fight against illegal immigration:

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