More interaction between IRS and ICE

President Donald Trump

White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W

Washington D.C

Olney, MD 03-01-2017

Attention: Hon. Reince Priebus

Chief of Staff

Dear President Trump,

The people strongly demonstrate support for your Administration’s actions on immigration that were made on the night of his public speech, especially, his goal to create a department for victims of crime directed by immigrants. From my perception as a supporter, since the grassroots, I believe that people would also like the opportunity to be able to make denunciations of all kinds of criminal acts perpetrated against the American laws.

As a citizen, conscious of my patriotic duty to contribute to the perfection of our democratic institutions, and especially in a position to understand procedures contrary to the U.S. values, I take the liberty to suggest taking into consideration the proposal that follows:

Establish norms that guarantee the exchange of information and cooperation between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in respect of any foreigner, regardless of race, religion or political, sexual or philosophical orientation. Any person with Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) would be able to share information about fraud, including the use of a false names or identity documents, those who fail to file a tax returns, or do not honor outstanding debt repayment commitments.

It is reasonable to guarantee  individuals a period to correct matters. Any crime perpetrated against the federal, state, county, and municipal treasury, shall be considered a serious violation. The consequences of which should be the suspension of permanent residence rights and deportation. This suggestion would help legalize good and truthful people that are committed to pay taxes and are not simply opportunists in our nation.

Justification of the proposal

Among the reasons for the suggested proposal are:

1. The culture of withholding to pay taxes by immigrants for their own benefit is detrimental to the host community.

2. The immense prejudice that this fiscal evasion causes our nation that is already weakened by the high costs of public services particularly in respect of education, judiciary, public transportation, and health amongst others.

3. If adopted, the measure will have a positive and immediate effect on the psycho-social attitude of the individuals concerned, since its coercive nature will stimulate the normalization of the fiscal situation of thousands of undocumented immigrants or permanent residents.

4. An effective interaction between the agencies aforementioned can improve the system, strengthen and increase the collection of tax, contributing to the legitimate purpose of “Making America Great Again”, as well as providing profiles of the foreign population for purposes of internal security.

It seems reasonable to believe with some confidence that, if implemented, this proposal will receive popular support for its wide scope in reaching national objectives.

Obviously, we are not only concerned that citizens pay for the heavy costs that undocumented immigrants bring upon the country by creating bigger families of their own. However, immigrants must compromise and contribute in the society where they have received fair hospitality and they should have the moral responsibility to be honest and cooperative.