Man is the Creator of the creature he conceived on the mental plane, in his image and likeness, and called “God”.

In a factual interpretation of the theory of creationism, God is a myth invented by man in order to feel supported by the Universe and have his needs and necessities met on a mental, surrealistic level. It is an invention that, having fostered fanaticism and religious extremism since the beginning of its inception, harms the human essence of freedom and harmonious coexistence, causing destruction, misery, backwardness, and, above all, serving as a powerful instrument of mental alienation. The delirious madness of the human race did not stop there: in all regions and cultures of the planet, men themselves have deified other men, creating what they called religions, turning violent and sexist extremists into symbols of love and salvation, in an absurd distortion of reality.

Ever since man’s imagination conceived the noxious myth he called god, throughout civilizations this invention has been used to create a feeling of protection and high comfort, also working as a facade for degenerate souls to mask the destructive and perverse instinct innate to human nature, causing the death of millions of innocent human beings of all ages. This created a culture of psychological terrorism, of fear of this imaginary superior being who mixes cruelty, justice, love and terror, in the image and likeness of man himself—its creator. To date gullible and frightened people still don’t dare to use reason to deconstruct this myth that imprisons them, blocking their minds to the exercise of freedom of thought, overwhelmed by the powerful brainwashing of which they were victims in early childhood. The word “God” has become a mere linguistic habit, evoked in situations of fragility or difficulty of any kind, demanding the intervention of “divine” help, powered by a bizarre faith. Lending credibility to the improbable, they walk the way to replace each other, wasting their short and precious earthly existence, paying “celestial taxes” to unscrupulous intermediaries, who sell illusions with the complicity they get from corrupt rulers in exchange for political support. Millions in the past and in the present have died, are dying and will die deluded and in agony, clamoring in vain for celestial or extradimensional support, obviously without being heard or saved.

The powerful ‘industry of faith’ has thus risen and grown stronger, a booming trade fed by credulity in the improbable and by mental accommodation. This ignorance doesn’t except cultures or societies, which, regardless of their level of development, keep capitulated minds indefinitely imprisoned by a surreal and constant feeling of fear, which is transformed into truth by fertile imagination, promoting the absurd millenarian backwardness that punishes the major part of the world population.

Perhaps in the not-too-distant future nations will protect their children from forced religious indoctrination, by banning misleading content devoid of sustainable real foundations, while inserting into the curriculum of elementary education courses aimed at enlightening students about the difference between imagination and reality, fiction and fact. It is the obligation of the public authorities of every nation to protect its citizens from amoral and extortionate actions practiced by individuals and groups who, in the name of faith, live extravagantly, in contrast to the chronic misery of the multitudes who are exploited and extorted by means of false and miraculous doctrines, devoid of any reasonable support. This is simply unacceptable from the standpoint of decency and morality. Some of these cunning people, trained in the academic pseudoscience called theology, are aware that they are nothing more than peddlers of illusions and deceptive promises, but continue in this market for convenience. Others, less educated or lay people, are trained and used to recruit “souls” and, unaware of the lack of ethics of preaching untruths, criminally abuse the freedom of worship, with the deceptive motivation of pleasing their imaginary god to obtain a new life on the spiritual plane, with plenty of fruit and winged men walking in gardens, around an all-powerful being with a kind face, sitting on a golden throne. This is something simply ridiculous, surreal, and above all, FAKE and criminal that urgently needs to be curbed and banned by coercive legislation. These criminals need to be imprisoned instead of being benefited by the State with unreasonable privileges, for example: special treatment in case of incarceration, tax exemption, decorations awarded by the State, diplomatic passports, or distinctions illegitimately granted by agents of public power—corrupt and accomplices of this unacceptable impudence in the middle of the 21st century.

The honest exercise of freedom of expression, in particular that which promotes the evolution of human consciousness in order to take it out of a state of lethargy, is a legitimate, welcome and necessary right, even against the interests of charlatans and their sympathizers, blinded by religious obscurantism. The fact is that the exteriorization of human goodness does not depend on having or not having faith, or on religious ties, only on the will to practice solidarity, without avarice.

“Every right has limits,” teaches us the constitutionalist Paulo Guedes Fontes—even fundamental rights. No right is absolute.

We are free to do whatever we want, as long as we do not harm others, or take immoral advantage of them by abusing their credulity in order to obtain immediate material gain, promising the delivery of goods after death, in a hypothetical and unlikely spiritual plan. The currency of exchange, in this case, should be spiritual, not material. The boundaries between rights and what may or may not be considered harm to others vary, evolve, and unfold into a myriad of other rights, including religious freedom. It is thus difficult to impose limits, but limits do exist, and they start with the observance of ethics in the propagation of theories that generate collective fear, harming children in particular, at the most important age for the development and assimilation of principles. The truth should not be presented as something exclusive, because there is no absolute truth.

It is imperative that children are offered tools to discern between the real world and the belief in unreasonable speculations. Citizens needs to be protected by law from any aggressive and greedy religious expansionism based on imagined tales that are proclaimed as the only truth, generating confusion, illusion, as well as mental and intellectual alienation.

Note from the author: The article reflects a personal worldview, in a respectful and doctrinally unpretentious way, aiming to encourage reflection on the worrisome reality that hinders the free exercise of thought, without feeling guilty of “sinning”, and with no influence of any contamination of philosophical, ideological or religious nature.

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