Putin ‘dead or alive’. Would it be time to propose a reward?

Ukrainian children victims of unjustifiable cowardice in Putin’s criminal invasion

Washington D.C. Area – Humanity walks blind, drunkand sick, with the challenge of controlling the impetus of self-destruction through the use of an extraordinary and unnecessary war machine, overcoming the capacity for self-control and a possible escalation towards the extinction of life on the planet.

The elimination of some dictators, with priority for the most bloodthirsty, would guarantee world peace, freedom, and prevent genocide against civilians, justifying the billions of dollars spent on intelligence.

Warlords are indiscriminately annihilating desperate civilian populations and soldiers, instead joining in an honorable war against hunger, inequality, and the chronic poverty that robs the term “civilization” of meaning. Young people who should be studying for the construction of the future, lose their lives without any reason. Once the war elites reach consensus and restore peace, the military deceived with nationalist theories fall into oblivion while they, the dictator sand oligarchs, continue their banquets insensitive to the value of lives taken in the indecent game of selfish and insane ambitions.

Innocents are meaninglessly sacrificed, while the bloodthirsty, corrupt, rich and powerful continue to perpetrate crimes with impunity in the absence of the coercive power of international courts and the delay of an imaginary and improbable divine justice or intervention.


The powerful intelligence and counter-intelligence network of democratic countries has the resources to plan and execute the physical elimination of the perpetrators of genocides and close collaborators, responsible for the invasion of sovereign countries and the indiscriminate and cowardly death of thousands of civilians.

This alternative would have an extremely negligible cost compared to the high price to be paid with the continuation of territorial invasions motivated by geopolitical ambitions.

Murder of children is a crime and not an act of war.


The offering of rewards for the capture “dead or alive” of dictators who defied the world order is no unprecedented. In 2003, for example, the US Government established a bounty of US$25 million as a reward for the capture of Saddam Hussein and another US$15 million for the head of one of his two sons, Uday and Qusay.

Currently, this would be a feasible strategy, which could motivate intelligence agents, mercenaries or domestic opponents to infiltrate their governments for this purpose. In addition, “special operations” could save the world from an escalating conflict that, in a predictable lapse of demonization, could lead to the use of the powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons, extinguishing life on the planet.

The option could be the traditional method still in force in the United States: “Wanted Alive or Dead,” to be publicly disclosed, including on the internet to undermine the tranquility of these vassals of terror that are on the loose.

The international authorities want to apprehend them, if possible, alive, to try them, guaranteeing the author of the heroic captures the insertion of their name in world history, in addition to a new identity in some western country, and life support for family members, with sufficient resources for a free, dignified and comfortable life.

Either the civilized world imposes itself on terror, or terror will make the world hostage to oppression.

Dealing with terrorists represents weakness, submission and concession to blackmail. There is no doubt that the absence of human values does not sensitize criminal minds whose only language they can understand is the one they use: force.


Respect for existential meaning and empathy were exchanged for the search for geopolitical expansion and the greed of bestial, maddened crooks and thieves, who became billionaires robbing the very people they idiotize, who exist inhibiter unfavorable social and economic situations.

These unhappy, mediocre individuals, lacking common sense, good character, self-efficacy don’t understand self-efficacy here and knowledge, are used as a herd in the dissemination of fetched conspiracy theories and gross montages, with which they confirm their beliefs, try to turn lies into true facts and disqualify information with which they do not sympathize, superimposing emotion over reason.

Undoubtedly, the threat they pose to civilization, freedom, and the international order justifies the physical elimination of the genocides, who sow terror. This would save the lives of thousands of people, and put the planet back on the path to peace and prosperity.

Murdered children and women and destroyed families are shameful evidence of a cruel, cowardly and inhuman genocide that they dare to call “war” to justify.

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