Citizens Rebel Against Lawless Politicians State-Wide

Yes, it's true. For the second time in three years the so-called "Maryland Trust Act" has been defeated in Annapolis!

Maryland will NOT become a Sanctuary like California for illegal immigrants. The rule of law will prevail. The safety of citizens is the priority, not protecting Illegal Immigrants who have no moral or legal right to be in Maryland.

Another painful loss for State Senators Victor Ramirez (D-PG) and Susan Lee (D-MC), and State Delegate Marice Morales (D-MC). The biggest loser of course was CASA of Maryland and their dear leader, Guantanamo Torres, author and silent partner of the so-called Maryland Trust Act.

Senator Susan Lee was also a big loser as true legal immigrants from the Chinese Community across Maryland showed up in mass in Annapolis, testifying and denouncing the Trust Act and Lee's support.
Ramirez and Morales, full-time marionettes to the will of CASA's Torres, will be back next year I'm sure for round three of the Trust Act. What little credibility they ever had with citizens however is now gone. They will fail.
Concerned citizens across Maryland (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic) representing organizations or many just their families, made their voices heard about the growing population of illegal immigrants in our schools and communities, the rising Hispanic gang violence and murders caused by MS-13 and the Latin Kings, and the general lack of concern regarding public safety. Enough is enough. The bad news in Maryland and the resulting citizen uprising made the national news and even a White House Press conference.
We have never seen anything like this in our 14 years of running Help Save!
Citizens across Maryland are demanding to end the abuse of our tax dollars and social services to support those who decided to jump the legal immigration line with help from citizen hate groups like CASA of Maryland & Identity Inc., and the pathetic politicians who run Annapolis, as well as Montgomery, Prince George's & Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City.

It is those taxpayer funded hate organizations, and the lawless politicians funding them, who attract and bring in untold numbers of unscreened illegal immigrants and refugees into Maryland. By terminating the Trust Act, citizens have shown this unacceptable behavior can and will be stopped. Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, with help from local heroes like Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, will do their job of detaining, arresting and deporting ALL illegal immigrants in our communities because that is what Maryland citizens want.
Help Save Maryland reported the horrific rape of a 14 year old girl in the boy's room of Rockville High School by two Hispanic illegal alien creeps from Guatemala and El Salvador. Both were both wanted by ICE. Our elected and school officials in Montgomery County it was a better idea to have these creeps educated in our classrooms with our children than to turn them over to ICE. Update: The Rockville lawyers for the two illegal alien rapist creeps say it was consensual sex with the 14 year old girl. She wanted it and the hard working, DACA ready illegals delivered, albeit in the stall of the boys bathroom! I see in-state tuition, driver's licenses and green cards at a minimum in their futures.
This gang rape is the direct result of the inaction of our lawless politicians and overpaid Montgomery County public school officials, especially Superintendent Jack Smith. Smith decided that when families raised the issue of the brutal gang rape and illegal aliens in our schools it crossed the line. Not the rape, but the fact families were upset about illegals and refugees. Smith publically called our friends and neighbors racists and xenophobes! He must be removed from his plush office and cushy job. Frankly, with Smith's skill set and personality he should be running a Mushroom farm.
More bad news about Smith and Montgomery County public schools has already surfaced. A brutal, unprovoked attack in the hallway of Rockville HS by an illegal alien female on a white female was not reported to Police or parents. The illegal female has since fled back to her native Honduras. Other violence and crimes similarly has been swept under the rug by Smith and his staff.
And how about the news that Rockville HS, one of the better of the 25 high schools in the county, has five full-time security guards and more than 100 cameras throughout the school. Is this a high security prison or a public high school?
One can only wonder about the security forces and cameras in the Gaithersburg, Silver Spring and Germantown High Schools, home to the county's largest illegal immigrant populations. What is Superintendent Jack Smith hiding from Montgomery County taxpayers in these jurisdictions? And the 200 plus elementary and middle schools in the county? Is the self-imposed mission of Diversity and lawlessness at all costs more important then citizen safety, the rule of law, integration and assimilation?
Stay tuned, Maryland is undergoing a major change for the better.